Good Reads

Below is a list of beer related blogs and websites I’ve been following in no particular order:

The Mad Fermentationist – Advanced homebrewing blog by Mike Tonsmeire with tons of creative experiments.

Joe Sixpack – Award winning beer reporter Don Russell from Philadelphia.

Seen Through A Glass – Another great Philadelphia beer blogger, Lew Bryson.

Top Fermented – Erik Lars Myers’ blog documenting his startup of Mystery Brewing in Hillsborough, NC.

Billy Brew – Billy’s homebrewing blog loaded with practical advice for all levels of brewing.

Hollis Brewing Company – Homebrewing blog looking to go pro in Schenectady, NY.

Brew Bound – National craft beer news.

Embrface The Funk – Homebrew blog focused on sours and wild beers.

Beer Stained Letter – Great local coverage of NJ craft beer from Jeff Linkous.

Bertus Brewery – Scott’s great homebrew blog from Chandler, AZ.

Atomic Donkey Brewing – Another great homebrewing blog.

Beerlass – Susan Woods is a beer blogger, founder of the women’s group IPA, and brewer with news coverage of Philadelphia


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