Big Things Happening

Hello out there. I’m resurrecting this space after a long hiatus. As you can probably tell, I’ve given a few things a facelift and will be making some updates in the upcoming weeks. A lot has happened since my last post. In the middle of the summer, Jen and I received some amazing news:


That’s right, on April 4th we’re expecting our first lil’ brewer-to-be. Everyone is happy and healthy, but also very busy getting ready. Needless to say brewing has taken a backseat to more important things. One of which is a long overdue kitchen renovation. Since we’ve done most work ourselves, the house has been a construction zone for the past few months. Fortunately the sheet rock dust has settled and we’re 90% complete:


The kitchen was where I mashed, sparged, chilled and transferred wort on brew day. Now that everything is brand spankin’ new, and considering how messy brew days can be, I’m planning a dedicated brewery. More than likely this will be moved outside since brewing equipment isn’t exactly baby proof! Thinking through changes has been a good thing because I’m re-evaluating my setup and making some upgrades. The goal is to build a brewery that allows for a smooth and relatively short brew day. It also has to be compact when not in use.

So there’s a ton of exciting things on the horizon! I’m hoping to find time to keep things updated here. There’s a few batches I’ve brewed recently that I’ll be posting about soon. Instead of posting shortly after brew days and documenting the batch’s progress, my approach to writing will be a bit different. I’m going to focus on specific homebrew topics and use my homebrew batches to relate my first hand experience. I get a lot of inspiration and ideas from reading other homebrew bloggers’ techniques. The collection of articles available on these sites are great resources. I hope my contributions will be just as valuable.

See you soon!


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