Brewing Log – Dieci Anni Di Dolci

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been meaning to post some updates about the beers recently brewed and currently fermenting. This is the first of various updates I’ll be posting in the next couple days to document many of the notes I’ve taken.

Dieci Anni Di Dolci Russian Imperial Stout
This will probably be the last update about the RIS for a while. In case you missed it, I decided to prepare french oak cubes soaked in bourbon. After an extended stay in the primary fermenter, I finally transferred this batch almost two months after it was brewed. The gravity at this point has remained at 1.029 for quite some time, indicating that the yeast is pretty much done. The oak cubes had a chance to soak up the bourbon for a little over a month. They were added to the secondary carboy after being strained from the bourbon. I didn’t want to add the bourbon for fear that the flavor would dominate the finished product. There was only a shots worth of french oak infused bourbon left, so I saw no use in saving it. Time to enjoy one oaky boilermaker!

it’s hard to tell the difference between the beer and the bourbon since the whiskey’s color changed drastically

a little more head space than i wanted for this long conditioning stage. hopefully the glass will help keep the oxygen out

Over the next 6 to 10 months, I’m excited to taste small samples to see what flavors the oak imparts. The reading I’ve done on oak cubes indicate that different flavors develop throughout this maturation process.


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