Barley Legal Cereal Contest

Homebrewers are responsible for some of the craziest ideas imaginable, so it’s hard to stretch the boundaries. Leave it to Barley Legal to come through with some beers that could’ve been created in the Wonka Factory. One of our members Kirk (winner of Sierra Nevada Beer Camp and brewer of Alternate Ending) came up with a challenging contest originally suggested by Denny Conn. The mission: Brew a beer of any style using at least one pound of commercial cereal in the mash. Teams and cereals were randomly picked at a meeting over a month ago. Last Tuesday the concoctions were brought in to be judged by the BL panel.

As you can probably tell, our team drew Froot Loops. We ultimately decided on a Berliner Weiss since we had a smack pack of Wyeast 3191. The grain bill was a whopping 6 pounds of grain (pilsner and white wheat malt) with a measly amount of Hallertauer hops. We kept it simple with a no sparge, single infusion mash. Of course there was the super loops too. For an added touch of… something… another pound of loops were added to the whirlpool. Wyeast Kolsch blend was used with the 3191 to make sure this one fermented out. Overall, it was a fun day talkin’ about brewing and enjoying some GREAT beers. By the end we had five gallons fruity gray wort. Some green food dye was added after fermentation to make it presentable. I swear this isn’t a late April Fools.

Surprisingly all the beers entered were very drinkable… all things considered. Each team tackled the challenge of incorporating the cereal differently. I can only imagine what the new guys attending their first meeting thought of this madness! Thanks to Kirk for organizing and everyone who participated. Here’s the results with some descriptions and pics:

Barley Legal Cereal Contest

1st Cocoa Pebbles (Mild ale with toasty character/Pebbles in mash)
2nd (tie) Cinnamon Toast Crunch (Jamil’s dunkel recipe/2 lbs of CTC in mash)
Lucky Charms (Irish stout/Oats and Charms in mash, boil, and “dry mallow”)
3rd Froot Loops (surprisingly turned out with some decent funk with some loop undertones)
4th Peanut Butter Captain Crunch (PB&J wheat beer/1 lb in mash, boil, and “dry crunch”/Raspberry puree)


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