Catching up…

Hey now! It’s been a while, but there hasn’t been much brewing lately. I’ve been out-and-about recently enjoying some great music and also drinking some quality brews. My brewing efforts have revolved around carefully watching over my RIS, Dieci Anni Di Dolci. It’s been fermenting for over a month at ambient temperatures between 62-72F. Airlock activity has slowed and the yeast is slowly falling out of suspension. My last gravity reading was right around 1.030, which would indicate 71% attenuation. Hopefully these warm temperatures allow for a couple more points to drop. The hydrometer samples still have a “hot-liquor” taste that I think will mellow as it ages… still very tasty.

In the meantime, I’ve been preparing a nice twist for this brew. My goal was to make this something special, so I’ve incorporated medium-plus toast french oak cubes soaked in bourbon. Many expert brewers say the cubes should impart different layers of flavor and are intended for longer aging as opposed to the chips. The bourbon… why the hell not?! My process involved the following:

  1. Measure 1 oz of oak cubes
  2. Using a vegetable steamer, sterilize the cubes for 15 minutes
  3. Clean and sanitize mason jar
  4. Add cubes to jar and fill with enough bourbon to cover the cubes.

That’s it for now… hopefully some brewing is in my near future. I’ve been reading up about and tasting some great saisons and biere de garde styles. But for now here are some pics of my bourbon oak cube experiment:


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